Salvatore Adamo

Álbum: The sensational

Lista de canciones del disco The sensational
  1. Hitch Hiker
  2. Where is the love I knew
  3. I cry your name
  4. I miss The Bus
  5. Summer Roses
  6. Come back my love
  7. Lonely Girl
  8. Permit me please m'sieur
  9. God willing
  10. Away too long
  11. The Tramp with a Beard
  12. Lock of golden hair
Éste álbum fue editado en 1967. Salvatore Adamo

God willing

I saw the Orient and its treasures
With the moon as a banner
And I intended in a few verses
To put its splendor into a song

But when I saw Jerusalem
A lonely poppy on the rock
I heard a sound of requiem
When I held it in my hand

Oh little chapel, don't you see
When you whisper "Peace on earth"
The little birds fly away with fear
When the hear the shout of gun

The road will lead you to the fountain
Where you would like to fill your jug
You better stop Marie Magdalena
For them your body ain't worth water

Inch'Allah! Inch'Allah! God willing! Inch'Allah!

The olive tree is crying for its shadow
Its tender friend, tender wife
Who is lying in the ruins
Captive on the enemy side

On the phone, on the wire
The butterfly was seeking a rose
Saying to himself people are so mad
They will kill me if I ever dare
Lord of heaven lord of hell
You are where you like to be
But don't you see the hungry people
Don't you hear the children cry

Inch'Allah! Inch'Allah! God willing! Inch'Allah!

Is our life a crucifixion?
Must we suffer through the years?
Just an endless genuflexion
Washing blood away with tears

Yes I saw Jerusalem
A lonely poppy on the rock
I always hear that requiem
Seeing in my troubled mind

Requiem for six millions souls
Who don't have their marble grave
And weather groomed sands
They are now six millions trees

Inch'Allah! Inch'Allah! God willing! Inch'Allah!